Comics and Cartoons

Comics and cartoons never fail to create excitement and fun, especially in the world of small children.  As a kind of two-dimensional illustrated visual art, intended for humor you can find some funny comics and cartoons in magazines, news papers, animation series etc.

With the technology advancing, it is clear to see the impact on comics and cartoons and how they are made. In the modern usage, we see these drawings to be typically non-realistic or semi-realistic. The artist who makes a cartoon is called a cartoonist. Comics were a narrative artwork of a story in the form of separate panels and are still immensely popular with kids of all ages.

The general idea behind the funny comics and cartoons was to spread humor. However, all comics need not be humorous. Most modern comic books often tell stories in a range of genres.

The Cartoon World

Explore the funny cartoon world, projecting characters in humorous way. Follow the cartoon world in print media, books and animations.

Funny Comics Books

Be a part of the funny comics books and entertainment. Read about the rising popularity of web comics online & what makes marvel comics books so popular.

Japanese Anime

Gather details on Japanese Anime & their unique style. Learn about what is Anime & the special characteristics of japans animation.

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